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Grading Conditions

M           Mint, never hinged

MLH       Mint, lightly hinged

MH         Mint, hinged (may have small remnant)

U            Used

xf            extra fine

vf            very fine

fvf           fine-very fine

f              fine

vg           very good

a             average

Other Abbreviations

add          addressed

arr           arrangement

B             bottom

B&H         Barefoot British Commonwealth Revenue catalog

bklt           booklet

blk            block, black

ccl            cancel

c               cachet

CDS          circular date stamp

cr              crease

diff sh         different shade

dist            disturbed

FDC           first day cover, first day cancel

h, horiz       horizontal

h/b             herringbone

h/p             hand printed

h/s             hand stamped

impt           imprint

L, lt            left

LL              lower left

mm            millimeter

ng              no gum

no, #          number

perf            perforation, perforated

PF cert      Philatelic Foundation certification

pl                plate

pr                pair

PSE cert    Professional Stamp Experts certification

R, rt            right

rc                rounded corner

reg              registered mail

rem             remnant

S/S             souvenir sheet

SG              Stanley Gibbons catalog

sht               sheet

sm               small

SON            socked on nose cancel

st                 straight

T                  top

UL               upper left

unadd          unaddressed

UR              upper right

v, vert           vertical

var               variety

vd                E.S.J. van Dam Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue

wgai             without gum as issued

Stamps from United States, British Commonwealth and Worldwide